Education and Training Requirements

Most unskilled workers in the candy-making industry operate the machines used in the manufacturing and packaging processes. Obtaining a job as a machine operator requires some mechanical aptitude as well as a high school diploma, but securing a summer or a part-time job is possible without a high school diploma. Other unskilled jobs, such as cleaning equipment or loading and driving trucks, are generally available without a high school diploma.

Responsibilities and Duties

Gather raw resources for processing, measuring, mixing and cooking raw materials.Control automated process and temperature for making products.
Check quality of prepared product and record exact results at definite times of production process.
Operate and maintain machines, inspecting and packing final product.

Ensure to clean and sterilize plant processing area.

Operate machinery to produce textiles, washing and blending wool, cloth, or yarn.

Inspect quality of various products, spinning wool and other fibers.

Participate in dying and bleaching materials, pressing, stretching or waterproofing materials at factory.

Involve in mixing and cooking dairy product ingredients, molding and shaping dairy product.

Monitor maturity time and collect samples of products.

Test samples of dairy product and operating machinery for packaging dairy

Working Conditions

Working conditions vary considerably, depending on the job. Plant workers may have to work with noisy machines or in cold rooms. Most plants, however, are very clean and well lighted and are considered to be pleasant places in which to work. Office workers generally work in modern buildings away from the noise of machinery.


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